Our Story

Whilst working as a lecturer in Early Years Education, teaching school leavers, it was clear reading physical books was a chore rather than enjoyment.

380,000 children do not own a book of their own (2019 NLT) Those that do, are three times more likely to read above the average reading age.

I love the idea of bringing stories to life to encourage a joy of reading in children (also fun for adults!)


Back in the nineties....
Once my own children started school I started working for a voluntary organisation supporting families with children under school age.
I also took introductory courses in counselling.

I started running the regular groups for children and their families and did this for several years 
I then started Early Years courses and training, which all led to me completing my Certificate in Education and (within the blink of an eye) have now completed 20 years of teaching Early Years as a Lecturer, tutor, assessor and course manager.


During this time I witnessed the frightening decline of interest in books, addiction to devices and the difficulties in being able to spell/read/write and learn basic English skills, showing a clear link between reading books at an early age and development of early literacy skills.

Lack of good literacy and communication skills lead to behaviour difficulties in children, preventing them from achieving their potential, and succeeding as adults


Its far more difficult to encourage 'reading for pleasure' at an older age, this is instilled at a very early age.

I left teaching at the end of 2019 to pursue my idea of Treehouse Children's Books (of course, not anticipating the events of 2020!!)


There is nothing like the feel of a book, the smell of the paper, the sight of beautiful illustration, the sound of the pages turning, the taste of a new adventure... Books are a truly sensory experience.

Books develop children's senses and encourage all areas of development. They ignite children's imagination and inspire creativity, but the story is only the beginning of their journey.