Story workshops



We are Winchester based and hold story workshops for different age groups.

These are a mixture of stories and themed activities.

These can include:

Fiction and non-fiction books and stories (using puppets and toys)

  Drawing, writing and colouring,

     Craft activities,

     Quizzes and competitions.

The sessions are usually themed or seasonal to make them

interesting and fun.

A relaxing and welcoming environment for children to get lost in stories and imagination,

whilst having fun, learning and making new friends.





Benefits of storytelling


When children are read to it makes them more likely to succeed at school.

There are more words in a book than children will hear in spoken language, we speak with a more limited vocabulary, whereas books are a more academic level with more newer words.

Helps them make sense and cope with difficult life situations.

Children who are read to are more likey to be motivated to read themselves.

Reading rather than watching television develops longer attention span.

Develops respect and understanding of other cultures.

Promotes a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

Enhances listening skills.

Promotes critical thinking, problem solving and sequencing.

Helps children become confident in discussion and asking questions.

Develops memory, recall and prediction.

Fosters creativity and imagination.

Develops important life long skills.







Why us...


We provide a welcoming and child friendly environment with comfortable surroundings.

We stock a range of books

and use activities and games for learning and development.

We use a variety of techniques to engage children in story times:

Use of puppets and toys,


Role play.

Teaching Qualification with twenty years experience in teaching Early Years Development.

Experience in working with young families.

 Certificate for Introductory Counselling Skills.

DBS checked.